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ONE MERRITT - Creating a Brave & Safe Learning Environment: Fri., Oct. 6, 10am -12:00pm


ONE MERRITT Discussion (Part II): Friday, October 6, 10am to 12:00pm

Please join us on Friday, October 6th at 10am to continue the ONE MERRITT discussion that we initiated back at the August Flex Day. Jason Seals and Isela Santana got us off to a great start a few weeks ago, so we want to keep the positive momentum going.

This is a continuing dialogue to create a brave and safe learning environment for staff, faculty, and administrators to explore identity, race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, etc.

The workshop is intended to support and foster curiosity and learning to understand intersecting forms of oppression.

In addition, this workshop will provide staff, faculty, and administrators the opportunity to engage in supportive dialogue and activities focusing on learning and practices to reverse harm and build community.

JOIN HERE:  bit.ly/onemerritt



Tags: Merritt College, diversity, inclusion


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