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Art Thrives at Laney College

If you haven’t visited the June Steingart Art Gallery at Laney College recently, go now! The current exhibit, “Spring 2024 Art Department Faculty Show” features dozens of artworks created by Laney College faculty members. The show ends after March 7th so do not delay. 

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“Rethink Your Drink” BCC MMART Partners with Berkeley Public Health in Art Exhibition

BCC Multimedia Art students are holding an exhibition in the Jerry Adams Gallery titled “Rethink Your Drink”, displaying poster advertisements promoting water of sugary sweetened beverages. This art exhibit is sponsored by CHEI, a community grantee of Healthy Berkeley, a program of the City of Berkeley’s Public Health Division. Students Jerry Hsaio and Brian Travis Williams won awards for their pieces “Water Wins” and “Don’t Listen to the Devil.”

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Merritt College celebrates Dr. Huey P. Newton and the 55th anniversary of the Black Panther Party

On the weekend of October 22-24, 2021, Merritt College and the Oakland community celebrated Dr. Huey P. Newton and the the 55th anniversary of the Black Panther Party . Dr. Newton, who along with Bobby Seale co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966, was honored with the unveiling of a bronze bust statue, on Sunday, October 24that the intersection of Mandela Parkway and Dr. Huey P. Newton Way...the place where the leader took his last breath.  

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BCC Student Artwork to be Displayed at Berkeley YMCA

The Berkeley YMCA will display the artwork of two Berkeley City College students: Daniel Phounsavan and Greg Singleton. Both of the featured pieces were a part of the Artists Resisting Soda city-wide contest that took place earlier this year.

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BCC Student Art Earns Praise and Prize Money

Five BCC students received the Artists Resisting Sugar city-wide art contest sponsored by the City of Berkeley and the BCC Public Health Club. Their art will be on display in Berkeley at Lifelong. In December the winning students were awarded prize money. The City of Berkeley has commended the art as outstanding pieces.

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Laney Virtual Student Art Exhibit

The Laney College Art Department is presenting its first online virtual exhibition, End of Semester Student Showcase. The students enrolled in Laney Art Classes – Drawing and Composition and 2D Visual Design – have worked to develop skills in design, drawing and compositional foundations during the Fall Semester.

The Laney Art Department is impressed by the resilience of its students, and the creative expression they have shown despite such unprecedented circumstances. Projects throughout the semester have allowed the students to explore the role art can play in their lives and how art practice can support, enhance, and create a place of expression and joy.  

View the virtual exhibit online at the June Steingart Art Gallery Website: https://laney.edu/art/june-steingart-art-gallery/

The June Steingart Gallery at Laney College provides an accessible and professionally managed art gallery, reflecting the rich cultural diversity that exists on the Laney campus and the surrounding Bay Area community. When we are not sheltering in place, contemporary art exhibitions in various media are shown in the physical space ofthe gallery.

The End of Semester Student Showcase exhibition shows the perseverance, creativity and thoughtfulness of Laney’s Art students.  Faculty and students have had to adjust to an online studio structure, and we are very pleased to present the amazing work that has come from dedication to the artistic practice.  We hope you enjoy!

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