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Black & Brown Men's & Women's TALK - What Do You Need to Succeed? - 4/9, 12 - 1:30pm

MerrittPuenteBlackBrownMenWomenTalkBlack & Brown Men's & Women's TALK - What do you need to succeed?

Take part in culture & communication, particularly around race, in a safe space for students to exchange information, resources, and support, in the presence of caring and culturally-competent Peralta leaders, with the goal of greater mutual understanding and collaboration at ALL levels of the colleges

April 9th @ 12 - 1:30pm
Merritt College - Newton/Seale Student Lounge

This event will begin in the Newton/Seal Student Lounge, R-110, with both Black and Brown male and male-identifying students and Black and Brown female and female-identifying students together for an introduction led by Professor Seals and Student and LC Ambassador Elias Tadesse.

The event will then diverge into two separate rooms with female and female-identifying students in the ASMC Student Chambers led by Professor Santana Student Activities Director Doris Hankins and Student and Africana Center Ambassador Haje Harris and Mariana Lopez.

The topics for this talk will include:

Barriers that prevent students from enrolling and/or completing college including but not limited to the following:

• lack of mentors and role models
• financial constraints
• navigating the college system; obtaining accurate information to graduate in a timely manner
•learning differences
• on-campus and off-campus resources
• social-cultural expectations

Participants in both discussions will reconvene to close the event enjoy a lunch provided by Merritt College's Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Grant.

This event is in person and will not be recorded. Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend but this is a student-focused event and ask that everyone refrain from contributing to the discussion. Selected faculty and staff will be there to guide the conversation if needed.
A Peralta-wide STUDENT-LED effort co-sponsored by Puente, Sankofa, the Learning Center, the Africana Center, the Black Student Union, the Welcome Center, and Phi Theta Kappa

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