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Peralta District welcomes new HR Director Immaculate Adesida

Adesida Immaculate

On May 17, 2021, the Peralta Community College District (PCCD) proudly welcomed the new Director of Human Resources Mrs. Immaculate Adesida. Mrs. Adesida comes to Peralta College bringing an impressive background. Before joining the Peralta team, she served as a Human Resource Director in an institution in the Silicon Valley. Additionally, Mrs. Adesida served as a Human Resources Manager in other educational institutions to include UC Berkeley and Solano Community College.
Mrs. Adesida is passionate about people, diversity, and her profession. Her dedication to help others and her excellent customer service skills led Mrs. Adesida to become a Human Resource Manager at the Center for Human Development (CHD), a private organization responsible for handling community outreach for Contra Costa County Health Services. She served at the CHD for two years.

The new Human Resources Director of PCCD loves sports. Mrs. Adesida shares that her favorite pastime is watching sporting competitions like basketball and football. She is also a committed fan of World Cups and Olympic Games. Asked about how she manages her time to catch up with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and her work, she says: “I record the games and watch after work and weekends. Plus, our time zones are different. It is great that most of the time, the live sports are shown in the evenings from about 8 pm” On top of sports, Mrs. Adesida likes watching movies, traveling, and fishing.

Mrs. Immaculate Adesida has a master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations with many years of work experience in Academic Human Resources. Mrs. Adesida shares that she is thrilled with the opportunity to join the Peralta team, “I am excited that I have the opportunity to contribute to the success of this great College in a small way as the HR Director.”


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