Statement by the President of the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees

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As President of the Peralta Board of Trustees, I want to acknowledge that the Peralta Community College Board of Trustees is aware of the allegation of racist remarks by an instructor to a student at Laney College regarding the pronunciation of the student’s name. Consistent with his rights to due process, the instructor has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into this matter.

The Board does not take these allegations lightly. We understand the need to challenge and eliminate racism and white supremacy in all of its insidious forms, including the suppression of native cultures and languages and its demands that people of color conform to norms of “whiteness.” We remain steadfast in our commitment to stand against any and all racist and xenophobic acts as they are antithetical to our principles as individuals, our professional duty as Trustees, and closely held values to honor and support all students in the Peralta Colleges in their quest to better their lives and their communities through higher education.

We remain committed to upholding the mission and values of the Peralta Community College District: we recognize and celebrate the strengths of the diverse students, communities, and colleagues we serve; and we provide the diverse students and communities with equitable access to the educational resources, experiences, and life-long opportunities to meet and exceed their goals.

In Service,

Julina Bonilla

Peralta Board of Trustees, Board President

Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud

Chancellor - Board Secretary


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