Enrollment is Now Open for Spring 2021 at the Peralta Colleges

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The Peralta Community College 
District (PCCD) is starting Spring semester registration and enrollment is now open for everyone with Spring semester classes beginning on January 25, 2021. 

College of Alameda, Berkeley City College, Laney College and Merritt College are all accepting applications and enrollment for the Spring semesterProspective students should visit https://home.peralta.edu/promise to begin the application process. If you’re ready to enroll, please visit Passport at https://passport2.peralta.edu/ 

Now is the time to get ahead, improve your career opportunities, educate yourself with new ideas, get a bigger paycheck by starting or completing the college education you desire. Don’t let the pandemic or anything else stand in the way of improving yourself and your life options.  

Equally important: with college courses mostly online this semester, don’t let your need for a computer or WIFI access deter you. PCCD can help students with new programs that provide free computers and discounted WIFI.

The opportunity of quality higher education is happening right now at PCCD’s four colleges 

All of the campuses—Merritt, Berkeley City, College of Alameda, and Laney College—are committed to providing exemplary educational programs to their students in a safe, engaging online environment. Taught by teachers who love to teach, PCCD’s online classes are affordable and rewarding. PCCD is so proud of its classes that they’re providing every resource needed to get first-time and returning students back in school. 


PCCD Resources for Students 


PCCD never wants a lack of access to be the reason you put off continuing your education. Starting this semester, all four colleges of Peralta CCD are offering their students access to Chromebooks. These Chromebooks are the laptop equivalent of a library book a student checks out at the beginning of the semester. As long as you remain a student, you keep your Chromebook “checked out.” You can use your Chromebook to attend classes, complete assignments, and do research on the Web. Prospective and current students can get their Chromebooks here. 

PCCD is also partnering with Internet service providers to offer students discounted rates on their internet bills. Sonic, Comcast, Charter and Spectrum (1-844-488-8395), and California Connects are all offering students great, affordable WiFi and increased connectivity so students can learn from anywhere. Click on or call the service provider of your choice to see what they’re offering students. 

If cost is an issue, PCCD is dedicated to helping students navigate the financial-aid process. Financial aid and financial-aid counseling are offered at all four colleges. Medical and mental health services are also available, as well as learning resources like online tutoring. All efforts are part of PCCD’s greater commitment to equitable education for all Alameda County residents. If you need help getting back to school, the colleges of PCCD are here to provide it, whatever it may be.   

“As a Chicana and first-generation college student, I am humbled to serve as president for a college that ensures students from all backgrounds have access to higher education with the resources they need in order to succeed,” says Dr. Angélica Garcia, president of Berkeley City College. 

As a student, you’ll be helping, too. Increased enrollment is vital to the health and diversity of the Peralta Colleges and the continued success of Alameda County. These student resources—as well as existing programs like the APASS (Asian Pacific American Student Success) program, the Umoja Program (a curriculum that is responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas), and the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions grant—help promote job training, job placement, and career pathways for all of Alameda County, including its ESOL (English for speakers of other languages), Latinx communities, and Asian American Pacific Islander students. When combined, the students and graduates of the Peralta Colleges guarantee the vibrant economic community of Alameda County will continue. 

No one knows when on-campus learning will continue. In the meantime, now is your opportunity to positively change your life by taking advantage of the Peralta Colleges’ effort to provide the necessary resources to learn remotely. However, some programs require in-person training. If you are interested in nursing certifications or emergency responder programs, PCCD is taking all the necessary precautions to keep these in-person programs as safe as possible. 

Dr. Carla Walter, the recently appointed interim chancellor, says, “I’m thrilled to continue working with the community to maintain the best possible educational opportunities and support services for students. I want to thank all Peralta employees for their hard work this year. Thanks to the efforts of truly dedicated faculty, professional staff, and administrators, we’ve made tremendous progress in moving our classes online to keep students and employees as safe as possible during the pandemic.” 

The Peralta Colleges provide a dynamic multicultural learning environment, offering accessible, high-quality educational programs and services, including two-year degrees, certificates, and university transfer programs, to more than 30,000 students. If you’re ready to take the first step toward your success, don’t let the pandemic or lack of resources stop you. Visit the Peralta Colleges at www.peralta.edu today, and find out about all the resources they’re offering students at https://home.peralta.edu/digitalresources. 

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