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Laney College Professor Mark Rauzon’s Summer Work in the Arctic

Laney BoT Report 5.23

Professor Mark Rauzon will be the seabird observer on a research expedition to the Bering Sea and beyond on a Canadian Ice Breaker. Leaving Victoria BC on July 5th, Prof. Rauzon will be collecting seabird distribution data when the ship is underway and when the ship is on station. The ship will focus on areas high in biodiversity, which are shown in boxes in the photo above. The cruise ends on July 28 at the top of North America. Prof. Rauzon is a volunteer for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and will be repeating a cruise he made 48 years ago to the same region as a kid with a new biology degree! Underway is the only way!


This article was included in the May 24, 2023 Laney College President's Report. To view the full report, click here.

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