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July 2023 Peralta TV Highlights

The temperature's rising as summer is in full effect, but you don't need to risk sunburn with Peralta TV as we bring a choice selection of programming featuring the great outdoors. Stay cool and entertained with our diverse range of shows that explore the wonders of nature and the adventure that awaits in the world outside your door.


Peralta TV can be seen on

Channel 27: Alameda, Berkeley

Channel 28: Emeryville, Piedmont, Oakland

AT&T U-Verse Channel 99


Into the Outdoors Title

Produced by Discover Mediaworks
INTO THE OUTDOORS is an 18-time Emmy® Award-winning education network that empowers today’s youth, and the adults around them, to think critically about our planet. Part science lesson and part adventure, INTO THE OUTDOORS uncovers the stories behind sensible solutions to creating a better planet.


Into the Outdoors - Into Environmental Sustainability

7/01 (Sat) @ 12pm     
7/02 (Sun) @ 3pm    
7/03 (Mon) @ 6pm    
7/04 (Tue) @ 3pm    
7/06 (Thur) @ 11:30am    
In this INTO THE OUTDOORS episode, Adventure Team member, Zach, heads out into his community to learn more about sustainability and his role in creating a healthier environment. He investigates the causal relationships among humans, wildlife, and the environment to learn about human impact on our planet. Viewers learn along with Zach as he talks with wildlife experts, volunteers, and corporate professionals to learn about the importance of sustainability at the individual, community, and corporate levels.


Into the Outdoors - Into The History of Wolves

7/08 (Sat) @ 12pm    
7/09 (Sun) @ 3pm    
7/10 (Mon) @ 6pm    
7/11 (Tue) @ 3pm    
7/13 (Thur) @ 11:30am    
In this INTO THE OUTDOORS episode, Adventure Team members, Zach and Mya, dive deep into the history and identity of wolves. They talk with a variety of environmental experts about the relationships with wolves in different ecosystems as well as the cultural significance to the Ojibwe tribe. Viewers will learn along with Zach and Mya as they find out if the big bad wolf is actually bad or a big help to the environment.


Into the Outdoors - Into  Recycling Scrap Tires

7/15 (Sat) @ 12pm        
7/16 (Sun) @ 3pm            
7/17 (Mon) @ 6pm        
7/18 (Tue) @ 3pm        
7/20 (Thur) @ 11:30am        
What happens when a tire is no longer usable? Where does it go? Join INTO THE OUTDOORS Adventure Team as we investigate sustainable solutions for scrap tires. Every year over 300 million tires are discarded in the US. In the past, they were thrown into landfills or dumped illegally. That’s a lot of waste! But today there are many ways scrap tires can be reused or recycled. The ITO Adventure Team travels to Michigan, Colorado, and Minnesota to learn how scrap tire disposal is being managed. We learn why illegal dumping is hazardous to human health and the environment.


Into the Outdoors - Into Family Fishing In Your National Forests

7/22 (Sat) @ 12pm        
7/23 (Sun) @ 3pm        
7/24 (Mon) @ 6pm        
7/25 (Tue) @ 3pm        
7/27 (Thur) @ 11:30am        
In this INTO THE OUTDOORS episode, join in the adventure, fun, discovery, and the making of lasting memories as you watch two families on four different family fishing adventures in our National Forests. Besides fighting fish and remarkable wilderness scenery, share in some magical moments that create strong family bonds and memories to last a lifetime. And in the end, you'll also discover what awaits you and your family when... fishing in YOUR National Forest.


Into the Outdoors - Into Family Fishing the Last Frontier

7/29 (Sat) @ 12pm        
7/30 (Sun) @ 3pm        
7/31 (Mon) @ 6pm        
8/01 (Tue) @ 3pm        
8/03 (Thur) @ 11:30am        
Discover how a kid, his dad, and his grandpa use one of the oldest methods of fishing to catch 30 fish in a half hour in Alaska, America’s Last Frontier. Besides sharing the family fun, this show reveals ecosystem science, aquatic biology, history, and a first-hand look at the wildlife wonders in our nation’s largest National Forest.


Todays Wild West photo 1

Todays Wild West TitleTodays Wild West photo 2

Produced by Mark Bedor
TODAY’S WILD WEST is an award-winning, documentary-style TV series on all things Western – cattle drives, wagon trains, horseback adventures, dude ranches, Western art, artisans, movies, music, historic sites, Native American culture, and much more.
The Wild West is still out there – and we’ll show you how to find it - on TODAY'S WILD WEST!

Episode 1
7/02 (Sun) @ 3:30pm        
7/03 (Tue) @ 7am    
7/06 (Thur) @ 4:30pm            
7/07 (Fri) @ 6pm     
7/08 (Sat) @ 9am    
Ride the California desert and the High Sierra on the Rock Creek Pack Station Spring Horse Drive; Luster Bayless, costumer for John Wayne, Lonesome Dove, and other classic Westerns; The Los Angeles area buffalo herd on the former estate of Hollywood’s first cowboy movie star.

Episode 2
7/09 (Sun) @ 3:30pm        
7/11 (Tue) @ 7am                
7/13 (Thur) @ 4:30pm        
7/14 (Fri) @ 6pm         
7/15 (Sat) @ 9am        
Where legendary cowboy artist Charlie Russel once rode - Montana’s historic Circle Bar Ranch; The Mackay Gallery of Charlie Russell Art at the Montana Historical Society; Plus - the $10,000 handmade cowboy boots of Lisa Sorrell.

Episode 3
7/16 (Sun) @ 3:30pm        
7/18 (Tue) @ 7am        
7/20 (Thur) @ 4:30pm        
7/21 (Fri) @ 6pm         
7/22 (Sat) @ 9am        
The Lone Pine Film Festival: On location with John Wayne in California’s Eastern Sierra; Horseback ride where Hollywood’s Western heroes rode in Lone Pine’s Alabama Hills; and a look at the daring and dangerous world of Hollywood stuntmen. Plus - The music of The Quebe Sisters, and a music venue like no other - Bridgeport Ranch at the foot of the High Sierra.

Episode 4
7/23 (Sun) @ 3:30pm        
7/25 (Tue) @ 7am        
7/27 (Thur) @ 4:30pm        
7/28 (Fri) @ 6pm         
7/29 (Sat) @ 9am        
Today’s Wild West travels to Oklahoma: The nation’s last stockyard - the Oklahoma National Stockyards; A visit to Stockyard City, and custom cowboy hat maker Shorty’s Caboy Hattery; The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City; Acclaimed Oklahoma Western sculptor Harold Holden.

Episode 5
7/30 (Sun) @ 3:30pm        
8/01 (Tue) @ 7am        
8/03 (Thur) @ 4:30pm        
8/04 (Fri) @ 6pm         
8/05 (Sat) @ 9am        
A covered wagon ride on Wyoming’s Oregon Trail with Historic Trails West; The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center; The Old West lives again at historic Fort Caspar; Nine floors of Western wear - Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters in Casper, Wyoming; The beautiful beaded moccasins of Montana Chippewa-Cree artist John Murie.



7/04 (Tue) @ 8pm    
7/20 (Thur) @ 1pm   

Produced by WXXI Public Media
In this film produced and presented by WXXI Public Media in Rochester, NY, we explore each season in the Finger Lakes region visiting each lake with stunning aerial videography. These lakes form a broader region rich in meaningful history and unique culture. We journey through lush topography, singular institutions, and meet the visionary icons that make up the rich tapestry of this extraordinary place.


Walkin California Yosemite

7/07 (Fri) @ 11am
7/08 (Sat) @ 4:30pm
7/09 (Sun) @ 11:30am
7/10 (Mon) @ 12:30pm
7/12 (Wed) @ 6pm

Produced by Steve Weldon & Cameron Mitchell
Explore Yosemite, one of our most beloved national parks. Host Steve Weldon shares Vernal and Nevada Falls in all of their splendor, discovers two of the park’s earliest supporters, and meets some intrepid hikers trekking the famous John Muir trail.


Walkin California Pismo Preserve

7/21 (Fri) @ 11am
7/22 (Sat) @ 4:30pm
7/23 (Sun) @ 11:30am
7/24 (Mon) @ 12:30pm
7/26 (Wed) @ 6pm

Produced by Steve Weldon & Cameron Mitchell
Join WALKIN’ CALIFORNIA host Steve Weldon as he explores the Pismo Preserve, nearly 900 acres of mountainous pastureland overlooking the Pacific Ocean on California’s central coast. Young “oak ambassadors” share the preserve’s flora and fauna and Steve discovers why acquiring this land was so critical to the survival of the area’s wildlife.


Dick Cheney - A Heartbeat Away Courtesy of Wyoming PBS

7/24 (Mon) @ 4:30pm
7/30 (Sun) @ 8pm

Produced by Wyoming PBS
The story of Dick Cheney, the man historians have dubbed the most powerful Vice President in the history of the United States. The story is recounted in his own words, reflecting on his modest upbringing in Casper, WY, his lifelong high-risk heart problems, and his assessment of the world leaders he dealt with. In intimate detail, he recalls the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, and reveals details of the crisis never told before. Other voices lend perspective - Wyoming friends who have known Dick Cheney his entire life, journalists critical of his grip on the levers of power, and first-hand observers of his nearly half a century in politics and government. From this emerges a full-rounded portrait of one of the most powerful men of the last century.

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