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December 2022/Early January 2023 Peralta TV Highlights

The holidays are in full swing as we close out the year, so in the spirit of giving Peralta TV is bringing you your standard programming for December, plus a little extra to help you start 2023 off right. Enjoy the winter break and have a safe and pleasant holiday season!

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Tempest Rising1

12/03 (Sat) @ 9pm
12/16 (Fri) @ 8:30pm
12/29 (Thur) @ 2pm

Produced & Directed by Richard Van Kleeck
TEMPEST RISING follows the story of Roger Creel, a uniquely talented ballet dancer/ choreographer/ pianist/ geophysicist, as he creates a ballet version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the Louisville Ballet. Multiple storylines include the art of transforming Shakespeare’s words into motion; the challenge of a star dancer, formerly with the Australian Ballet, retiring at age thirty-five and returning to the stage at age forty-two to dance the role of Prospero; the inclusion of a brilliant step dancing team from West Louisville; a reversal of ballet’s tradition of “damsels in distress”; the rising star of a talented young ballet school dancer; gender-swapped roles; and a sly poke at the wall building tendencies of certain Washington authorities.


The Worlds Most Scenic Railway Journeys Title 1The Worlss Most Scenic Railway Journeys scenic shot 2

The World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys
12/08 (Thur) @ 1pm; 12/11 (Sun) @ 9pm & 12/13 (Tue) @ 8am – Episode 1: CANADA
12/15 (Thur) @ 1pm; 12/18 (Sun) @ 9pm & 12/20 (Tue) @ 8am - Episode 2: SPAIN
12/22 (Thur) @ 1pm; 12/25 (Sun) @ 10pm & 12/27 (Tue) @ 8am - Episode 3: Mexico
12/29 (Thur) @ 1pm; 1/01/2023 (Sun) @ 7:30pm & 1/03/2023 (Tue) @ 8am - Episode 4: SRI LANKA
1/05/2023 (Thur) @ 1pm; 1/08/2023 (Sun) @ 9pm & 1/10/2023 (Tue) @ 8am - Episode 5: SICILY
Rolling past snow-capped peaks, fairy-tale castles, and breathtaking natural wonders, THE WORLD’S MOST SCENIC RAILWAY JOURNEYS is an unforgettable ride through some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. From Canada, Sri Lanka, and Sicily, to a Mexican odyssey, it’s a breathtaking adventure. Along the way, meet the engineers who keep these trains running and the many characters who work, travel, and live along these exotic and far-flung routes. And while an airplane is certainly the quickest route to any destination, nothing compares to an epic train expedition where it’s always the journey that counts.

Episode 1: CANADA
12/08 (Thur) @ 1pm; 12/11 (Sun) @ 9pm & 12/13 (Tue) @ 8am
Ride through Canada on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train in a jaw-dropping loop that takes the viewers from Vancouver to the heart of the Rockies, through some of North America’s most staggering natural beauty, to Banff in Alberta. The two-day Rainforest to Gold Rush route offers a variety of landscapes unparalleled anywhere in the world—taking in vast crystal clear lakes, through lush coastal rainforest, and the desert-like splendour of the Fraser Canyon.

Episode 2: SPAIN
12/15 (Thur) @ 1pm; 12/18 (Sun) @ 9pm & 12/20 (Tue) @ 8am
This is a glorious trip through the mountain and coastal route in the sun of Northern Spain, which is also a gastronomic tour on and off the train exploring a huge range of local delicacies. We begin near Leon, part of the famous north Spanish Pilgrimage, nestled in the Picos de Europa mountains.

Episode 3: MEXICO
12/22 (Thur) @ 1pm; 12/25 (Sun) @ 10pm & 12/27 (Tue) @ 8am - Mexico
This trek is on the Chihuahua Pacific Railway known as the EL Chepe in northern Mexico. It took a hundred years to build the line from Creel to the coast and it travels through the spectacular Copper Canyon region.

Episode 4: SRI LANKA
12/29 (Thur) @ 1pm; 1/01/2023 (Sun) @ 7:30pm & 1/03/2023 (Tue) @ 8am - Sri Lanka
This train journey across Sri Lanka is a train-lovers trip of a lifetime to Nine Arch Bridge. Traveling along on one of the world’s best-preserved Victorian-era railways we climb to over 6000 feet deep from Columbo to Ella.

Episode 5: SICILY
1/05/2023 (Thur) @ 1pm; 1/08/2023 (Sun) @ 9pm & 1/10/2023 (Tue) @ 8am - Sicily
Our train voyage through Sicily is an extraordinary journey that travels back in time, through a landscape forged by the earth’s forces and several ancient civilizations. Our railway line crosses seven World Heritage Sites – some of these cities built by Romans and the Greeks – through a mountainous region in the south of the island.



12/11 (Sun) @ 7:30pm
12/14 (Wed) @ 11am
12/22 (Thur) @ 5:30pm
12/24 (Sat) @ 8pm
12/30 (Fri) @ 10:30pm

CINEPOD is Berkeley-based writer and producer Roger Garcia’s unique look at the world of cinema and its inhabitants. In this episode of CINEPOD, host Roger Garcia is on the road and introduces DVDs that would warm the heart of any cinephile during this holiday season.
From Berlin, Roger suggests a two-disc documentary about the Pergamon, a historic and restored building that houses one of the world's finest collections of antiquaries such as ancient Egyptian and Roman art. From London, Roger's visit to one of his favorite video stores results in finding a long out-of-print film that has now been restored and more widely available - To Sleep So As To Dream, a Japanese indie film about a silent film star that he picked for festivals in the early 1980s. At the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris, Roger introduces another find and invaluable to any fan of French cinema, a biography of Luce Vigo, the only daughter of master filmmaker Jean Vigo who died early soon after completing his first full-length feature, L'Atalante in 1934. Luce sheds invaluable light on her father adding to his stature in the history of cinema.


English National Opera Presents-Pirates of Penzance

12/20 (Tue) @ 6pm
12/25 (Sun) @ 8pm

Filmed live from The London Coliseum, enjoy this superb collection of performances from the English National Opera.
Renowned filmmaker, director, and Gilbert & Sullivan aficionado Mike Leigh directs this production of the sparkling comic masterpiece The Pirates of Penzance. Featuring sentimental pirates, blundering policemen, and improbable paradoxes, THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE tells the story of the pirate apprentice Frederic and his love for Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley.


English National Opera Presents - Carmen

12/27 (Tue) @ 6pm
1/01/2023 (Sun) @ 8:30pm

Filmed live from The London Coliseum, enjoy this superb collection of performances from the English National Opera.
Calixto Bieito's acclaimed production features sensational mezzo-soprano Justina Gringyte alongside the internationally acclaimed tenor Eric Cutler as Jose. A passionate tale of lust, seduction, and betrayal, no other opera boasts as popular a following as Bizet’s Carmen. Set during the dying days of Franco’s Spain, Calixto Bieito’s acclaimed production is a ‘must-see’ opera.



12/23 (Fri) @ 2:30pm
12/25 (Sun) @ 4pm
12/31 (Sat) @ 8:30pm
1/02/2023 (Mon) @ 7pm

A film by Grégoire Polet
Without a doubt, Les Misérables is one the most well-known novels in the history of literature. Better still, it made its author the people’s spokesman. How and why is this text still so important? This documentary aims to introduce us to those who recognize themselves in Hugo, to tell us how Hugo made Les Misérables, and above all how Les Misérables made Hugo, the Hugo we know, the Hugo he wanted to be. A man of the people. Yesterday and today.

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