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Berkeley City College President's Report

BCC BoT Report 05 10 22

Multimedia Art & Film Showcase at BCC

Berkeley City College’s Multimedia Film & Art Department hosted a showcase of student works Wednesday, May 5. It was the first in-person showcase in two years with students and faculty gathering to appreciate the artwork created by students. Photo projects, paintings, and even motion capture technology were on display.

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There was also a screening of student-made movies and shorts. Four student filmmakers were recognized for winning NATAS (Emmy) scholarships. These students showed their films, as well as other exemplary shorts that depict these times we live in with insight, humor, and creativity.

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“It’s really special having people coming back together,” Multimedia Film Faculty and Showcase Coordinator Rachel Mercy Simpson. “I’m thrilled to have so many alumni show their support as well. Bringing together BCC spanning the multimedia department for many years is wonderful.”


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Student Success Day at BCC

Thursday, May 5 was Student Success Day at Berkeley City College. It was the first in-person Student Success Day in over two years, and it was so wonderful to see a crowd of potential new students fill up the atrium and auditorium at BCC.
Around one hundred students from high schools across BCC’s service region attended. Many of them had already enrolled, while others were able to gather the information and resources necessary to make a choice for college. The event was led by Associate Dean of Educational Success Martin de Mucha Flores and the Society of Scholars leads Dri Regalado, Skyler Barton, and Shannon Penn.

“It’s a beautiful day of welcoming and showing students what we’re all about at BCC,” said Skyler Barton.

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The event kicked off with pastries and warm beverages in the atrium. Students got to meet each other and the esteemed Berkeley City College administrators and staff. They then filed into the auditorium for a student panel led by current BCC students and alumni, sharing their experiences at BCC and providing a roadmap to success. They then broke out into a resource fair where they were acquainted with BCC’s programs and departments such as Campus Life, Multimedia Art, Science, History, EOPS/Calworks, and more. Students received BCC swag and signed up for more information and further contact from BCC. They also enjoyed a free catered lunch.


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Plática with Dr. César Cruz for Peralta’s Raíces Latinx Graduation

With the Peralta Raíces Latinx Graduation coming up, Berkeley City College welcomed Dr. César Cruz of Homies Empowerment who gathered with Peralta graduates for a Plática and time of celebration in recognition of their graduation. The event was designed to affirm, honor and acknowledge those that have supported graduates in their educational journey as well as to create space to reflect on this important milestone. At the event, students discussed those that have supported them and what had been challenges for them concerning completing this degree.

Moderated by Shelsea Reyes and Ricky Rivas, himself a graduating Peralta student, graduates discussed the ups and downs of their journeys, with many saying that they accomplished their journey for their families and communities. When asked,” What would you want to say to your family about this accomplishment?”, a student shared,” I’ve always had a lot of fear and doubt. That’s the only reason that has kept me behind. But it’s allowing others to see me, to continue pushing me. I want to thank my family, they supported me along the way. And it’s because of them that I kept pushing. ”The Raíces Peralta Latinx Graduation is scheduled for Saturday, May 28, 2022 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. The event will be held virtually and all are welcome to join us via Zoom as we celebrate our graduates, their families, and their journey.


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President Garcia Presents BCC’s Vision for Equitable Education for All

On Friday, April 29, Berkeley City College President Angélica Garcia hosted a Fireside Chat as part of the Peralta Colleges Foundation Distinguished Leaders Community Conversations series. The event was titled BCC’s Vision for Equitable Education for All, focusing on BCC’s mission to provide quality education for all who come through our doors, regardless of ethnicity, financial restraints, or life circumstances; and examining BCC’s challenges and goals for achieving this mission. Berkeley City College thanks the Peralta Colleges Foundation Executive Director LaNiece Jones for organizing, and Tasion Kwamilele for moderating the event.

President Garcia introduced herself to the community, providing background on her upbringing in Central California and being a first-generation college graduate, first-generation professional in her family, a chicana, an activist, a mother, and a wife. “My leadership as President of Berkeley City College is informed by this cultural, ethnic, familial, regional global context,” said President Garcia.

Garcia then dove into the framework and data analysis of cultivating an equity minded institution that is culturally grounded, with a critical mass of diverse students and faculty and developing racial identity salience with a culturally engaged campus environment.

“Our community has some income disparities and those have some very divisive lines that fall along racial and ethnic lines. Creating a college community that actively works to break those down is core to the work of what’s happening at Berkeley City College,” said President Garcia.

President Garcia was joined by Peralta’s Interim Chancellor Dr. Janett Jackson, California State Senator Nancy Skinner, and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

“We’re fortunate to have BCC and the greater Peralta Community College District providing so many resources to students and families, and even older students as well,” said Arreguin. “I’m always inspired by the achievements that come from the students who often go on to do great things in our community.” He highlighted BCC’s partnership with the city of Berkeley’s 2020 initiative to close the opportunity gap in student achievement, commending the college’s work while acknowledging the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic poses in this area with distance learning and the digital divide.

Senator Skinner spoke about advocating for increased funding and access to community college education as part of her work on the California Budget Committee. “I’m glad to be a partner with BCC, and a partner with entire Peralta Community College district’s partner, in trying to advance quality education and equitable opportunity for everyone,” said Senator Skinner.


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API L.E.A.D Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

The API L.E.A.D club hosted an arts and crafts fair in celebration of AAPI Heritage month on-campus. Students took part in creating origami, lanterns, watercolors and star paper. The club is planning to display the students’ artwork around campus to celebrate AAPI Heritage month. “It’s a fun way to create decorations in honor of AAPI heritage month,” said AAPI L.E.A.D President Jennifer Fong.

It’s one of three events being hosted by the AAPI Lead Club. There will also be an AAPI Student Success Panel held on Zoom on May 11, and a Food Festival on May 26 in BCC’s atrium.


BCC President Garcia Photo

President’s Message: Honoring AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) month, recognizing the ways individuals of Asian American and Pacific Islanders descent have shaped and impacted American history and culture. Berkeley City College is proud of its strong AAPI representation in our student body, faculty, classified professionals, and administration. The diversity throughout the AAPI community contributes to the rich tapestry of the Berkeley City College community.

While the influence of the AAPI community is often celebrated with food, fashion, and architecture, we must pause to recognize the great injustices this community faced and continues to endure in America. We remember the thousands of Chinese laborers who built the Transcontinental railroad, transforming the infrastructure of the nation while facing deadly working conditions and terrible wages. We remember the Japanese Americans who were subjected to internment camps during World War II, even while young family members were enlisted to fight in that same war. We remember the Native Hawaiians, whose kingdom was overthrown and its people exploited by American corporations before becoming a state in 1959. And over the past years, members of the AAPI community have been victims of racism and violence, and erroneously targeted amidst the global health pandemic.

Our BCC community is one of inclusion, appreciation, and aims to recognize the beauty and brilliance of diverse communities. May you take the time to recognize members of the AAPI community who modeled activism, leadership, and culturally rooted efforts, From Larry Itliong (Filipino American labor organizer) to Tony Lam (first Vietnamese American elected to public office as a city council member) and so many other influential community members, our BCC community is made more whole because of our AAPI community. AAPI students make up 21% of all BCC students, while 35% of classified professionals and 11% of faculty identify as AAPI. Our AAPI colleagues support all BCC students, but it must be recognized that their presence mirrors to AAPI students a sense of belonging that is valuable. I invite you to be in community and celebrate AAPI Heritage Month by supporting and attending the following AAPI L.E.A.D. events:

Library Display of AAPI Books and movies available via our streaming film databases Thursday, May 5th there will be an exhibit of arts and crafts in Room 223 during college hour Panel discussion on AAPI Success Stories held on Zoom on May 11th Food festival in the BCC Atrium on May 26th.

I look forward to seeing you during the AAPI community events and encourage you to reflect on how you contribute to building an inclusive community that recognizes, honors, and celebrates our AAPI community in our classrooms, workshops, programs, and community spaces.


In Community,
Dr. Angélica Garcia (she| her| ella)
Berkeley City College


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Teaching and Learning Center Symposium

Assessment Specialist Nancy Cayton and Assessment Coordinator Adán Olmedo hosted an Assessment Workshop at the Teaching and Learning Center and on Zoom analyzing student learning and service area outcome data. The topics of discussion included Assessing Our Students’ Reading Comprehension, a Library Database Skills Project, ideas toward developing a Associates of Arts at BCC in Film Studies, Building a Community of Practice at BCC around Equity minded Syllabus Redesign, feedback and analysis surrounding outreach and inreach on data coaches in an equity and Guided Pathways framework, and social and emotional learning methods like P.A.U.S.E. (Pause and hear yourself breathe, Acknowledge the tension, Use kind words, Soothe self, Exhale deeply) and preparing the brain to learn. The various surveys, presentations and data were a positive step forward in cutting edge new learning techniques being explored by BCC. We thank Nancy Cayton, Adán Olmedo, Fatima Shah, Jenny Gough, Susan Khan, Maricela Becerra, Heather Dodge, Robert Noonan, Linda Jolivet, Annemarie Meyer, Jenny Lowood, Chris Lebo-Planas, Amy Zink, Alejandra Oseguera for their hard work and analysis in this project.



This article is taken from the President’s Report, written by Dr. Angélica Garcia, Berkeley City College President, that was presented to the PCCD Board of Trustees during their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. To view as a pdf, click here.

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