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Berkeley City College Mid-Semester Flex Day

On Tuesday, March 15, Berkeley City College held its mid-semester Flex Day program. The Professional Development team, led by Susan Khan and Adan Olmedo, put together a fun, interactive, and informative program for BCC Faculty and Staff.

The program led off with a welcome and college update from President Garcia and the administrative leads. Local comedian and activist Nina G. held a keynote address challenging our perceptions of disability. Nina G., a product of the Peralta Community College System (literally – her parents met at a Peralta school!), talked about her upbringing and struggle toward normalization in society growing up with a speech and learning disability in a program titled “Going Beyond Inspiration.”

Faculty and Staff then joined an interactive activity continuing to develop BCC’s work toward a Guided Pathways framework. Attendees broke off into breakout rooms and workshopped ways to communicate with students the pathway names and descriptors.

The program continued with concurrent in-depth conversations with keynote speaker Nina G. on implementing change in supporting disabled students and a reflection on stories told by BCC Scholars in January’s Flex Day. Attendees then broke out into department meetings.

The program finished with two concurrent presentations: a discussion led by President Garcia and Senior Research and Planning Analyst Dr. Phoumy Sayavong on planning and implementation of achieving racial equity goals, analyzing data provided to the college from the Aspen New Community College President fellowship. PCCD Professional development coordinator gave an introduction and pitch to faculty and staff for using the Vision Resource Center as a development tool for all PCCD employees.


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BCC Applies for Lumina Foundation Marketing Grant

Berkeley City College applied for the Lumina Foundation’s Million Dollar Community College Challenge grant on Tuesday, March 15. The goal of the grant is to fund and provide technical assistance for marketing activities for community colleges focused on reaching adult learners aged 25 and up with a focus on equity. The winner of the grant will receive $1 million in grant funding toward marketing activity, plus technical assistance over August 2022-24. Nine other schools will receive $100,000 in grant funding and technical assistance over August 2022-23.

Public Information Officer Tom Rizza worked with a team across BCC’s administration formulating a message to boost the school’s brand and strategize marketing activity in the present and the future using data and input. President Garcia wrote in her letter of support for the grant “The Lumina Foundation is offering the gift of access and success to communities across the country with these grants. BCC might be small, but we are truly mighty and ready to build the human capacity and strategic marking infrastructure and plan to support adult learners to completion.” The Lumina Foundation will announce if BCC made it to the second round of the challenge by April 29, 2022.


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BCC Food Pantry Returns to Serving Our Community

The food pantry opened its doors again at Berkeley City College on Thursday, May 10 in the campus atrium! During the pandemic, the Berkeley City College Food Pantry worked in collaboration with the Berkeley Food Network to distribute food groceries for students. On offer were fresh vegetables, tofu, yogurt, beverages, and quality bottles of olive oil. Students and staff filed in to collect their free groceries handed out by Gail Pendleton and our student ambassadors. The food pantry will be serving students and staff every 2nd and 4th Thursday between 12-3 pm!


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BCC Women’s History Month Ceremony

The Women’s Leadership Club hosted a Women’s History Month ceremony on Thursday, May 17th in the campus atrium. About 30 students gathered and enjoyed food, drinks, music and fun. The event kicked off with opening remarks by President Angéli- ca Garcia, highlighting the intersectionality of Women’s History Month with other cultural heritage months celebrated through- out the year. The club then hosted a Kahoot trivia game high- lighting women’s contributions in history, science and culture. Winners of the trivia game received gift cards totaling $175 in prizes. It is such a welcome sight to see students, faculty, and staff gathering and taking part in in-person events at Berkeley City College!


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President’s Message: Women’s History Month is Upon Us!

March is the beginning of Women’s History Month, creating a space for us to acknowledge and celebrate women’s contributions to our societal growth and history. As we conclude Black History Month and move into Women’s History Month, I am reminded of the connections that exist across time: the valuable role that African- American women played in our country’s history, as Shirley Chisholm of New York became the first African-American Congresswoman (1969-1971, 91st Congress). Women now make up 27% of all members in the House of Representatives and the Senate (144 of 539 seats, 117th Congress) and a record number for the most women in these publicly elected positions. This level of commitment and engagement for women does not happen without Congresswoman Chisholm’s trailblazing efforts.

While our society has coined heritage months as a way to honor the beauty of our diversity, it can also provide a false sense of isolated struggle for inclusion. The intersection of our identities, the strengths of our community are the ways in which we love and honor one another. In future months, we will celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander history, Hispanic history, Arab history, LGBTQIA history, and, mental health awareness. These heritage and awareness months highlight and honor not only the unique value and beauty of these groups but also how we must recognize a shared history that calls upon each one of us to disrupt systemic forms of oppression and discrimination.

As I see the images coming out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I am stunned by the violence and destruction being wrought against civilians in an independent nation. But I am uplifted by seeing the faces in crowds of strong women, men, and non-binary individuals standing, in most cases unarmed, in the face of oppression. I am reminded of the critical role that women have played in peace-keeping and caregiving efforts. The first female President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, a physician by trade, is leading efforts to bring Ukraine into the European Union, creating unity and alliances that will hopefully provide peace. This is but one example of women leading in a truly volatile time.

We see women leading nations, states, and multinational corporations; we see their works in art, music, film, and writings; we hear their voices leading movements to combat the environmental and social issues of our time. We use this month to reflect on our ancestors who fought and continue to fight for equity in our world.

This year’s theme for Women’s History Month is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” It is a time to recognize the work of frontline workers in our health system, care providers, mothers, and teachers. I encourage you to think of those women who bring you care and stability in the face of hardship and sacrifice. The Covid-19 pandemic and the economic woes that have come with it have brought into focus the important contributions women play in providing for families and communities. Let us honor them.

In Community,

Dr. Angélica Garcia (she| her| ella)


Berkeley City College



This article is taken from the President’s Report, written by Dr. Angélica Garcia, Berkeley City College President, that was presented to the PCCD Board of Trustees during their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. To view as a pdf, click here.

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