Laney Geography Professor Honored with Stanford Fellowship, Audubon Society Award

Laney BOT Report 09 13 22_2


Mark Rauzon's Summer may have been short on rest, but it was certainly abundant with scholarly excellence and achievement. Professor Rauzon was accepted to and participated in Stanford University’s competitive Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum (EPIC) Fellows Program for the 2022-23 academic year, along with receiving given the Paul Covell Environmental Education Award from the Golden Gate Audubon Society for his restoration and water quality work on the Laney College estuary with his lab students, a topic he covered during a talk he held as part of the August 19 College Flex Day Program.

Funding by Title VI from the Dept of Education allows Stanford University to support ten community college faculty in fellowship activities that involve making a course, unit, or topic of international research that other colleges can adopt. During this coming year, Rauzon will be creating a multi-discipline module examining the issues created at the Russia/U.S. Alaskan boundary in a melting ice climate. Elements of his research and upcoming course content will include topics such as Russian liquid natural gas and mineral extraction, militarization, food insecurity for Indigenous Yup’ik, and national insecurity for all Arctic nations. While Geography is Rauzon's discipline at Laney, the course will interface with other disciplines that include political science, psychology, biology, and climate/energy policies. The Laney community congratulates Professor Rauzon on these achievements, not only this summer but throughout his distinguished career.

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